Nov 10, 2010

French Missionary?

You can imagine missionaries campusisng the globe looking for converts.  Today I was accused on being a French missionary.  Do I tell people that they should 'convert to Frenchism?'  No!  Never!  I am not sure that I am the best cheerleader for the country.  I don't like Camembert, I don't watch Rugby, I drink Virginia wine, sometimes I eat fried chicken from Popeyes.  I am certainly not a poster-child for Frenchness....  So I like a good Bordeaux, know how to make duck and rabbit, and can sometimes have been known to say a French phrase or two....  But doesn't make me French and honestly I have never tried to convince anyone that France will bring them salvation.  I am torn between two worlds -- old World Europe and New World North America.  I can choose anymore easily than I can choose my favorite chocolate or my favorite wine.  Wine and Chocolate are choosen based on the needs.  If I am having steak and cheese, my wine choice will be different than if the meal is moules frites.  Snickers is good for a chocolate, peanut and caramel craving, but dark is better with coffee...  France and the US are like wines.  I choose based on what I am looking for -- what do I want today?  Steak or Mussels?  Both are good and both have draw backs.  Well this is not true of steak and mussels, but countries sure thing?

Maybe I should start my own church of Frenchness though, I heard that churches get a tax break;)  Do you want to be a Frangilcan -- it's a church of indecision...

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