Mar 26, 2010

Bricolage Kitchen, Almost Done

Here is our progress over the last week:

Mar 23, 2010

Bricolage March 2010 Day 9

We have almost all major appliances now.  I have to say that when I first thought about putting this all together I was a little overwhelmed and it hasn't been all easy, but the IKEA cabinets are so flexible and we are able to change things on the fly.

Bricolage March 2010 Day 8

Still working...

Mar 17, 2010

My favorite wallpaper;)

Here is some wallpaper I found under the cabinets.

Mar 15, 2010

Bricolage March 2010 Day 2

This is what the house looked like on Sunday.

Mar 13, 2010

Bricolage March 2010 Day 1

Here is where our work began, stay tuned.

Mar 7, 2010

Men of Home Depot

The Home Depot is the Castrorama of the USA. The king of the Bricolage stores. This is also also the home of what I like to call the 'Orange Light' district in my town. Like a 'lady of the night' asking if you want a 'date', the men of home depot ask if you need someone to 'install that tile for you'... While home improvement is not illegal, the 'Men of Home Depot' usually are. I am afraid that their would be 'johns' will pay them pathetic wages and have them working long hours. They are blamed for their place in society who wants to pay $$$ for tile installation or painting. These things can be easily done if one only had the time... In France hiring 'under the table' is done, but if that person gets hurt illegal employers pay for the rest of their lives. I am sure the American day laborers have no such protection. The question is 'Does hiring these work help or hurt?', since hiring them is taking advantage of their low wage status and if something happens they could be paying for life.

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Mar 3, 2010

The Calendar Year?

I often wonder why the year begins in January.  This is probably a ploy for people to feel happy when they would normally be a little depressed.  Winter sucks.  There is not much day light and really why do we celebrate a new year freezing our butts off.  Well here in the Northern Hemisphere, it must rock being in the Southern Hemisphere...

Anyway I was thinking about the French calendar in the shower this morning and how it compares to the American one... 

The French year begins September 1st. 
*I actually think that we should change New Years Day to this day.  Any one else with me on this one? 

Anyway between September 1st and November 1st, the country is pretty productive, I would say that if you want anything done, do it as this time.  But then in November things start to slack off.

November 1st and 11th are holidays, so some people try to take time off around this time, go on holiday, that sort of thing.  December starts the Xmas season and the last 2 weeks of Xmas are shot -- no one works....Just as you are getting your new year underway, there are ski/winter holidays in Feb, late March/early April is PAX another big vacation season, leading us right into the May holidays (1st, 8th and 'Whit Monday')  Who would want to work on Whit Monday, honestly?  I can't remember what that holiday actually signifies, but I know that it is catholic and is not celebrated in America.  Then you have another 2 months of productivity before 30% of the country takes the entire month of August off.  Although some people actually take July 15th until Aug 15th or some variation on their month long holiday, bringing us right back to September. 

The thing I love about this calendar is less about trying to do stuff -- like buying a car in August is nearly impossible or getting some administrative nightmare handled, it is the anticipation of the next holiday.  There is always something to look forward too....

Here in the US, kids start school, practically in the middle of August, then we have plenty of fake holidays that no one takes off anyway, since they are so ridiculous until Thanksgiving.  December is pretty much shot, but some people work on through...Only a few random Mondays off in the winter and spring, that most people don't take off, and then spring break which is really only for children and college students. A few more random days off and we are into summer.  Where some people try to take vacation, but can't cause they only get 2 weeks for the whole year and it's too expensive anyway...  Where is the anticipation??

Mar 2, 2010

France is calling;)

Sometimes I wonder why I ever moved back to the US...  I mean I love it sometime, but sometimes I miss France.  Today I had yet again conflicting messages from France. We are like 2 very passionate lovers, always breaking up and getting back together.  I feel like Rhett Butler in 'Gone With the Wind', if France would show my one ounce of love, I would go running back to her arms open.  'Yes, I love you too, I always have!', but no she continues to torture me.  My boss needed her airline ticket changed and her assistant was having trouble getting it changed, since it was booked by a travel agent in France and they couldn't find the right number of the only person in the whole country of France that could possibly change this ticket.  So looks like the ticket will never get changed because good ol' French administration.  Probably was a travel agent strike this week;P
But then my old work called me and said very nice things and wanted to work on a project with me.  Pulling me back.  I really do miss the weather in Marseille.  How do I know if we are meant to be?  Should a relationships with countries be so hard?  I think that France and I are going to start over.  Maybe go on a few dates, try to have a few laugh before I consider getting serious again.  I will see this summer;)
I guess is the worst part is that some of the things I thought I would have in the US, didn't work out.  No BBQs with my family, who I hardly see now that I practically live in their back yards.  All of my friends have better friends, kids who do activities and such.  I guess after being out of the state for 10 years people have moved on...  You know what they say 'You can never go home again' and it is TRUE.