Mar 7, 2010

Men of Home Depot

The Home Depot is the Castrorama of the USA. The king of the Bricolage stores. This is also also the home of what I like to call the 'Orange Light' district in my town. Like a 'lady of the night' asking if you want a 'date', the men of home depot ask if you need someone to 'install that tile for you'... While home improvement is not illegal, the 'Men of Home Depot' usually are. I am afraid that their would be 'johns' will pay them pathetic wages and have them working long hours. They are blamed for their place in society who wants to pay $$$ for tile installation or painting. These things can be easily done if one only had the time... In France hiring 'under the table' is done, but if that person gets hurt illegal employers pay for the rest of their lives. I am sure the American day laborers have no such protection. The question is 'Does hiring these work help or hurt?', since hiring them is taking advantage of their low wage status and if something happens they could be paying for life.

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