Mar 2, 2010

France is calling;)

Sometimes I wonder why I ever moved back to the US...  I mean I love it sometime, but sometimes I miss France.  Today I had yet again conflicting messages from France. We are like 2 very passionate lovers, always breaking up and getting back together.  I feel like Rhett Butler in 'Gone With the Wind', if France would show my one ounce of love, I would go running back to her arms open.  'Yes, I love you too, I always have!', but no she continues to torture me.  My boss needed her airline ticket changed and her assistant was having trouble getting it changed, since it was booked by a travel agent in France and they couldn't find the right number of the only person in the whole country of France that could possibly change this ticket.  So looks like the ticket will never get changed because good ol' French administration.  Probably was a travel agent strike this week;P
But then my old work called me and said very nice things and wanted to work on a project with me.  Pulling me back.  I really do miss the weather in Marseille.  How do I know if we are meant to be?  Should a relationships with countries be so hard?  I think that France and I are going to start over.  Maybe go on a few dates, try to have a few laugh before I consider getting serious again.  I will see this summer;)
I guess is the worst part is that some of the things I thought I would have in the US, didn't work out.  No BBQs with my family, who I hardly see now that I practically live in their back yards.  All of my friends have better friends, kids who do activities and such.  I guess after being out of the state for 10 years people have moved on...  You know what they say 'You can never go home again' and it is TRUE. 


  1. You laugh but the air traffic controllers and pilots HAVE been on strike!
    That's France for you.
    I guess it is always difficult to move back- you build up expectations, forgot all the bad stuff and remembered only the good stuff....
    Where are you going this summer?

  2. Hey B, I'll try bringing a little of France with me next week (the good side!). I'm sorry things are not exactly how you imagined it would be, but I totally get what you mean. I felt exactly the same going back to my hometown, and now, 3 years later, I'm about to leave again. Better feel like a stranger in a foreign land than in your own backyard! (although I do have to say that my family at least is really supportive)

  3. I think true friends are those with whom you can pick up right from where you left things off regardless whether you last met a day ago or a decade ago. It's not always easy to find someone like that, but when you do, treasure them! The others are just passengers in your life. Plus, you get to make new friends and experience new things by not staying at a familiar setting all your life :)