May 19, 2011

Hotel Scandals

This past week, the head of the IMF, who is French, got involved in a sex scandal with a maid from the hotel he was staying at.  In fact, he is actually being charged for forcing "sexual acts" on the maid.  The American media has already, tried, found guilty and sentenced him.  The French media however, is predicting a set-up, a conspiracy, it is almost like 2 completely different new stories.

So A, is in the hotel business, so I asked how often does a guest think that the housekeeping staff is for their personal pleasure.  According to him, he has only hear such a story one time, in over 10 years.  There has been a few radio shows that have taken calls from housekeepers and it made it sound like this sort of thing happens every day.

I am not sure what to think, but if this were to happen to a politician in the US, he would be dead.  That American politician could have done that with a consenting adult and still would have been dead.  I wonder how the French will think about this guy at the next presidential election.  Will he be the lead of the socialist party, like was expected a week ago?  Or forgotten. 

May 8, 2011

Rejected Again

Just a little update on my attempts to work and live in France.  I sent in all of the paper work for French citizenship about 2 months ago. It must have been the finally the right paperwork, but I haven't heard anything.
I applied again for a permanent job in France through the CNRS.  What's my problem??  I am too young.  For scientist, accomplishments are measured in papers and the person that got the position have 50% more papers than me, but also 10 years of experience.  So perhaps next year, I will still be too young but just as accomplished ;) 

In the meantime, I continue to speak French to the children, which is a great way to practice.  However, I am worried, that the things we say to kids -- you need a nap, let's go potty, your being a bad little boy, where are my kisses, are not the same things that you would say to an adult....  Although, my stay-at-home mom friends complain about the same thing, ie having no adult conversation.

May 5, 2011

Missing le beaux soliel

Well, I went to France and for the most part it was fabulous.  The first couple of days in Paris was colder than I was expecting, but not a cloud in the sky.  The city of love had better weather than back in the USA and I was loving the sun.  I took walks to the Luxembourg Gardens and sat in a reclining chair with my feet up, I had yummy dinners and kebab lunches.  Then like a woman on the lam, I left Paris to the south of France, my true love.  I went to little villages, hiking along the sea, to Monaco and Nice, to my favorite boardwalk and had some really good meals.  I even got a little tan and was feeling pretty good.  It was exhausting.  Trying to fit all of your favorite things into one little trip is really hard.