Sep 29, 2009

Bridget Jones or Grace Kelly

With my new Hermès scarf, I tried a few of the ties and was feeling a little like Grace Kelly.  There is a Franco-American movie called "Le Divorce".  There are lots of things that are great about this movie, the least of which a really great commentary on how the French are different from Americans...  In this movie, Kate Hudson's character has an affair with a French politician and receives a Hermès Kelly Bag, named after Grace Kelly.  At the end of the relationship, Kate's character gets a Hermès Scarf.  Between the Kelly Bag and the Scarf, the character tries to become a bit sophisticated...the least of which in her lingerie.  But in trying to be more sophisticated, I realize that I am just Bridget Jones -- just a little ridiculous and very not sophisticated...seems as though I am missing the charm school.

Sep 28, 2009

Hermes Scarves

I am not usually the girl that goes goo goo over expensive things.  I don't usually wear jewelry, I don't have a fancy car, and I rarely buy designer clothes.  But the Hermes scarf that I got for my birthday is one exception.  It is perfect.  I am not sure any other scarf can compare.  In color, feel and versatility, there are so many ways to tie it.  I got a little deck of cards with it to show me all the different ways that I can wear it.  You can wear them around the neck in the traditional way, but you can also wear it as a clubbing shirt, in the hair or if you have 2 as a dress...  Well a pretty expensive dress...  So you can have your big diamond ring, designer clothes and $100 hair cut...  Just leave me a good bottle of Saint-Émilion, my comfty Danskos and my Hermes scarf.

Sep 26, 2009

Bread -- An Obsession

A is obsessed with making bread, well baguettes.  He talks about them and has been trying to perfect is recipe for months.  He has bought books and special pans, because something as old as bread certainly can't be made without fancy accessories.  There is yeast growing on my counter.  Oh why?  Now he wants to open up a bakery.


Since moving back from France, we have made quite an effort to not forget about "our French Heritage".  Well not mine, but everyone else's...  A and the kids got registered with the French embassy, that way when there is a crisis in America, they can all be airlifted out leaving me behind to fend for myself.  I suppose that will happen the next time an American politician wants McDonalds to change their menu to only serve "Freedom Fries".
We got an au pair to speak French with the kids and now only play Disney videos in French.  But as much of an effort to be consistent about the language we are all speaking Franglish.  Franglish with the au pair when she doesn't understand, Franglish with the kids and Franglish everywhere else.  I have started to forget which French words are only French and which ones are shared with English like buffet and melange a trois...  I have started using French phrases with my coworkers, who probably think that I am a total snob.  I can't help it.  I live in a world (my own self-created world), where everyone speaks Franglish.  Only my French-speaking co-workers understand and of course they probably don't even notice it. 

Sep 25, 2009

The Misunderstood

People like it when you understand them completely.  Lots of nodding and "yeahs" are required for any conversation.  For fun you can throw in "I got you" and "Sure thing".  Never under any circumstance can you say that you don't understand.  Even if you don't follow the person.  In some people this can create real anger.  'Are you trying to say that I am stupid with your misunderstanding', 'Why don't you already know what I have to say', 'Why should I catch you up on what I am saying -- why don't you have the same life experience as me?' 

I often have no clue what people are taking about and when you ask them to explain further, they get really edging and defensive.  Like you are saying "Why would anyone say that, you are ridiculous".    But just maybe I don't know where nuclear power comes from, or the hierarchy structure of a given company (including my own).  Perhaps not everyone knows not to wear white after labor day or that children should be reading by age 2.  Not that I disagree, but just perhaps I am totally clueless.