Sep 29, 2009

Bridget Jones or Grace Kelly

With my new Hermès scarf, I tried a few of the ties and was feeling a little like Grace Kelly.  There is a Franco-American movie called "Le Divorce".  There are lots of things that are great about this movie, the least of which a really great commentary on how the French are different from Americans...  In this movie, Kate Hudson's character has an affair with a French politician and receives a Hermès Kelly Bag, named after Grace Kelly.  At the end of the relationship, Kate's character gets a Hermès Scarf.  Between the Kelly Bag and the Scarf, the character tries to become a bit sophisticated...the least of which in her lingerie.  But in trying to be more sophisticated, I realize that I am just Bridget Jones -- just a little ridiculous and very not sophisticated...seems as though I am missing the charm school.

1 comment:

  1. As french as I can be, I still hear you! The "grace" and "charm" gene must have missed me too... At least we have a good sens of humor ;-)