Oct 1, 2009

Good bye September

I am sad to see another September end. My last September of my 20s is gone. I will be 30 on Sunday and the end of Summer, is a metaphor for the ending of my 20s... As I head toward the winter of my life, I guess it is time to evaulate the warm fun months of parties and wild times. May I will experience a "heat wave" from now and again, but fall is all about resposibility. Back to school, end of summer holidays, end of long warm evenings, the end of outdoor movies and lazy days in the sun. What can I do now, but start decorating for Halloween?

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  1. Hey! Happy Birthday.
    Me too, I am turning 30 in a month. Feels strange doesn't it?

  2. 2 more years of summer fun for me, but I start to feel my youthful looks are providing me from getting jobs with responsibilities. Another interview gone bad, and I did put on makeup! Do you think we really will start looking old one day? ;-)

  3. are "preventing me", was what I meant, duh!

  4. jeeez! over thirty is not winter!!! I promise!! my 20s were fairly turbulent..fun but turbulent...things get much better in the 30s