Oct 27, 2009

Health Care -- Taxes/Premiums

So now that you know how much it cost to see a doctor, what does one pay for coverage?
When I was in France, we paid about 21% in "social charges". That's covers health, sick leave, retirement and other social program like welfare and unemployment. Here in America, only 9% of my salary goes for those same social charges. The interesting thing though is that in both countries about 25% of salary is taxes and social charges... So that means that more of my money in the US goes towards income taxes...
As Megan pointed out, my salary is higher in America, almost twice my French salary. But if I were like my brother, who makes about $8 an hour, my salary would be very similar and I would be paying very little for my health coverage in France.

So to summerize - France is best for low wage workers and America spents lots of money on stuff like Defense...

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  1. And the less you earn,the more they'll help you! which in some cases makes that unemployed people are having it "easier" than middle class workers: their health bills are totally taken care of by the government (plus lodging and other "advantages"...)No wonder there are so many "chomeurs" in france...But at least,they're healthy ;-)