Apr 30, 2010

Dreaming of Vacations

Well A's sister finally got back home.  Well I say finally, but actually she was only here a couple of extra days, but was stressing like she was here a month or something...  Can your job really fire you for being stuck in America by a volcano in Iceland? I really need a vacation myself.  I took a week off of work a while ago, but worked on the house.  I need a vacation that involves the sun, sand and very little clothes.  If I still had 9 weeks of vacation, all of the fun times I could be having ;)  Life needs more vacations and happy hours.  Well I guess I can work on the happy hours and dream about vacation... Here are some pictures from past vacations: Rocamadour October 2008 and Arches National Park October 2006.

Apr 19, 2010

Permenant Houseguest?

So my SIL and her boyfriend are visiting us from France.  They have had a nice 2 weeks visiting DC, Baltimore, New York, etc.  Yesterday they were suppose to fly home -- no way said the volcano in Iceland.  You must stay in the US and extra 'who knows when'.  The SIL is pretty cool about the whole thing, she is actually on vacation another week.  Her BF however, has to go back to work tomorrow and is freaking out a bit.  I am not sure how long this migration to the US will be but last night I had some ideas...  1)  They could just get jobs in the US, probably they could get some sort of volcano asylum or something.  He works for TurboMaker and they have a factory in South Carolina.  Do I hear 'transfer'?  2)  They could move to one of those French Island in the Caribbean, learn how to make rum and have a 'new life' 3) They could take a boat back to France.  4) Relax.  I think that A was trying to convince them to immigrate their whole trip.  I said that they could probably get well paying jobs in the US, live cheaply for 2-3 years and go back to France will some money for a down payment on an apartment (only 160K Euros).  AF said that they can probably fly out Wed.  They will probably do that.  But it is always fun to dream about having a 'new life', no?

Apr 14, 2010

Shock and Awe

The thing I think that is the most striking between the French and les Americains is shock value.  Americans seem to be easily shocked by stuff that is completely normal.  You see a nipple on TV or a politician has an affair and everyone is shocked.  Who doesn't have nipples.  Everyone has them and the thing about nipples is that seen one nipple and you seen them all....  The typical French response is 'Oui, bien sur' -- yes, of course.  The know that politician can keep it in their pants and that people have nipples.  The thing that I think is sort of comforting about the American attitude is when it's personal it is nice to have someone to commiserate with who is just as shocked as you are...  Gossip is so much juicier, too.  Why talk about your co-workers having an affair, if that is normal, nothing juicy about things that are normal.  But on the other hand (again), it seems like the level of disappointment is lower when you expect someone to do something that isn't very nice or downright juicy.  If you knew for example that your dad was a cheater, then no reason being disappointed when he cheats...  Not even gossip worthy.  Would be nice if the American news was a bit more French...  I think that I could handle watching the news again.

Apr 12, 2010

Nearly Finished

So I know I have been super bad about posting more pictures of my new wonderful kitchen, but since the kitchen is functional, progress has slowed to a crawl.  There are still some knobs to put up, some countertop to finish up, a wood panel to screw in, etc...  The hood is up and I still need to figure out what to do with my microhood as it won't fit.  Anyway, I hope before summer it will be done and I can post some real pictures. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share a picture of a pretty weird mailbox.  Some American's are so weird. I am actually related to this one...

Apr 9, 2010

To Bisou or to Not Bisou

The rules of Bisou are pretty simple.  Girls Bisou everyone and Boys Bisou with girls.... But wait a minute sometimes boys Bisou other men.  What are the rules on that???  How to men/boys know when they can/should bisou with other men/boys?   Close family -- yes, but what about friends?  How "friendly" do you have to be to bisou with another guy?  A was recently "bisoued" by a friend that we met in November.  We see each other every other month or so...  How do you know when to take the relationship to the bisou level?

Also, I feel like the rules break down when outside of France.  Sometimes French people will always want to bisou, but others don't and if you go in for a bisou, it can get awkward.

Sending out air bisous

Apr 3, 2010


Well we have been really busy trying to get the kitchen in order.  I will post more pictures with it is all done.  Completely done.  That might be in a year when we get around to the finishing touches ;)  Anyway, this weekend is Z's birthday, it is actually on Pâques this year.  A's sister, also A, is here visiting us for the occasion.  She brought us plenty of wine from Bordeaux and yummy chocolates for Pâques.  I told A that he could have the chocolates if I could have the wine.  Such a wino these days.  Missing France more than ever.  Wonder what I am doing here.  Nothing is going according to plan.  The Marseilles spring is so good.  Nice warm days, lots of sunshine.  Will try to think about how much I like arguing with people in English;) 

Enjoy your Pâques and don't eat too much candy.  If I remember I will post some of the chocolates A has been making.