Apr 19, 2010

Permenant Houseguest?

So my SIL and her boyfriend are visiting us from France.  They have had a nice 2 weeks visiting DC, Baltimore, New York, etc.  Yesterday they were suppose to fly home -- no way said the volcano in Iceland.  You must stay in the US and extra 'who knows when'.  The SIL is pretty cool about the whole thing, she is actually on vacation another week.  Her BF however, has to go back to work tomorrow and is freaking out a bit.  I am not sure how long this migration to the US will be but last night I had some ideas...  1)  They could just get jobs in the US, probably they could get some sort of volcano asylum or something.  He works for TurboMaker and they have a factory in South Carolina.  Do I hear 'transfer'?  2)  They could move to one of those French Island in the Caribbean, learn how to make rum and have a 'new life' 3) They could take a boat back to France.  4) Relax.  I think that A was trying to convince them to immigrate their whole trip.  I said that they could probably get well paying jobs in the US, live cheaply for 2-3 years and go back to France will some money for a down payment on an apartment (only 160K Euros).  AF said that they can probably fly out Wed.  They will probably do that.  But it is always fun to dream about having a 'new life', no?

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