Apr 3, 2010


Well we have been really busy trying to get the kitchen in order.  I will post more pictures with it is all done.  Completely done.  That might be in a year when we get around to the finishing touches ;)  Anyway, this weekend is Z's birthday, it is actually on Pâques this year.  A's sister, also A, is here visiting us for the occasion.  She brought us plenty of wine from Bordeaux and yummy chocolates for Pâques.  I told A that he could have the chocolates if I could have the wine.  Such a wino these days.  Missing France more than ever.  Wonder what I am doing here.  Nothing is going according to plan.  The Marseilles spring is so good.  Nice warm days, lots of sunshine.  Will try to think about how much I like arguing with people in English;) 

Enjoy your Pâques and don't eat too much candy.  If I remember I will post some of the chocolates A has been making.

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  1. Happy Easter!
    That's nice that his sister is there.
    And there isn't much to miss here yet- the weather is awful! Grey and rainy.