Apr 9, 2010

To Bisou or to Not Bisou

The rules of Bisou are pretty simple.  Girls Bisou everyone and Boys Bisou with girls.... But wait a minute sometimes boys Bisou other men.  What are the rules on that???  How to men/boys know when they can/should bisou with other men/boys?   Close family -- yes, but what about friends?  How "friendly" do you have to be to bisou with another guy?  A was recently "bisoued" by a friend that we met in November.  We see each other every other month or so...  How do you know when to take the relationship to the bisou level?

Also, I feel like the rules break down when outside of France.  Sometimes French people will always want to bisou, but others don't and if you go in for a bisou, it can get awkward.

Sending out air bisous

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  1. Yeah, I remember when we lived in the US, Alain's few french friends, it was all sorta "do we or don't we?" I think he would always shake hands with the guys, but not bisous the women.