Apr 14, 2010

Shock and Awe

The thing I think that is the most striking between the French and les Americains is shock value.  Americans seem to be easily shocked by stuff that is completely normal.  You see a nipple on TV or a politician has an affair and everyone is shocked.  Who doesn't have nipples.  Everyone has them and the thing about nipples is that seen one nipple and you seen them all....  The typical French response is 'Oui, bien sur' -- yes, of course.  The know that politician can keep it in their pants and that people have nipples.  The thing that I think is sort of comforting about the American attitude is when it's personal it is nice to have someone to commiserate with who is just as shocked as you are...  Gossip is so much juicier, too.  Why talk about your co-workers having an affair, if that is normal, nothing juicy about things that are normal.  But on the other hand (again), it seems like the level of disappointment is lower when you expect someone to do something that isn't very nice or downright juicy.  If you knew for example that your dad was a cheater, then no reason being disappointed when he cheats...  Not even gossip worthy.  Would be nice if the American news was a bit more French...  I think that I could handle watching the news again.

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