Sep 28, 2009

Hermes Scarves

I am not usually the girl that goes goo goo over expensive things.  I don't usually wear jewelry, I don't have a fancy car, and I rarely buy designer clothes.  But the Hermes scarf that I got for my birthday is one exception.  It is perfect.  I am not sure any other scarf can compare.  In color, feel and versatility, there are so many ways to tie it.  I got a little deck of cards with it to show me all the different ways that I can wear it.  You can wear them around the neck in the traditional way, but you can also wear it as a clubbing shirt, in the hair or if you have 2 as a dress...  Well a pretty expensive dress...  So you can have your big diamond ring, designer clothes and $100 hair cut...  Just leave me a good bottle of Saint-Émilion, my comfty Danskos and my Hermes scarf.

1 comment:

  1. See! I knew the french sense of style would get to you. ready to get rid of clogs and such? ;-)