Sep 26, 2009


Since moving back from France, we have made quite an effort to not forget about "our French Heritage".  Well not mine, but everyone else's...  A and the kids got registered with the French embassy, that way when there is a crisis in America, they can all be airlifted out leaving me behind to fend for myself.  I suppose that will happen the next time an American politician wants McDonalds to change their menu to only serve "Freedom Fries".
We got an au pair to speak French with the kids and now only play Disney videos in French.  But as much of an effort to be consistent about the language we are all speaking Franglish.  Franglish with the au pair when she doesn't understand, Franglish with the kids and Franglish everywhere else.  I have started to forget which French words are only French and which ones are shared with English like buffet and melange a trois...  I have started using French phrases with my coworkers, who probably think that I am a total snob.  I can't help it.  I live in a world (my own self-created world), where everyone speaks Franglish.  Only my French-speaking co-workers understand and of course they probably don't even notice it. 


  1. Umm, melange à trois? Did you invent that one?
    and did they enter the US on US or French passports? Because I think if they entered on US passports, the French embassy can't do anything for them if they get in trouble, like with the law. So if L & Z start wreaking havoc...

  2. I was more thinking if there was a civil war...Then France would airlift my family out and I would be left behind...