May 8, 2011

Rejected Again

Just a little update on my attempts to work and live in France.  I sent in all of the paper work for French citizenship about 2 months ago. It must have been the finally the right paperwork, but I haven't heard anything.
I applied again for a permanent job in France through the CNRS.  What's my problem??  I am too young.  For scientist, accomplishments are measured in papers and the person that got the position have 50% more papers than me, but also 10 years of experience.  So perhaps next year, I will still be too young but just as accomplished ;) 

In the meantime, I continue to speak French to the children, which is a great way to practice.  However, I am worried, that the things we say to kids -- you need a nap, let's go potty, your being a bad little boy, where are my kisses, are not the same things that you would say to an adult....  Although, my stay-at-home mom friends complain about the same thing, ie having no adult conversation.

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