Feb 23, 2010


Today, I noticed an aweful lot of people with crazy old style hair. In my baby no-sleep haze, I have blocked out all of this weirdness but today I saw it. 80s feather hair, 90s poofer banges and a really bad perm. This had been right under my nose all of the time. If it were kids it would have been cute but sadly it was the older women in my neighborhood. I wish I could say that this was an American phenomenon, but while French women certainly wear more stylish clothes women of a certain age don't seem to have evolve very much in their hair styles... Why is changing our hair so hard? We do it for ever break-up? I guess I can be guilty too. Total mom hair. I gave myself my last hair cut. Will do better next time though, when I gotten a little more sleep and a little more time. Anyone know a good stylist in MD?

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