Feb 5, 2010

Missing the Marseillaise Winter

You might find the term 'Marseillaise Winter' laughable if you lived anywhere in Europe north of Lyon and anywhere in the USA north of Georgia...  Because you actually know that winter has days below freezing and that you need a coat to go outside.  Ahh, if you have never spent the winter in Florida or Marseille, then you don't know how great a winter without coats can be.  Where winter is like late-October in the DC area.  I sure I only wore my coat twice the 2 years of winter-days spent in the South of France.  Two wonderful years of no hat, no gloves, no windshield scrapers.  I was actually in the VAR, so I even missed the big snow storm in Marseille last year.  It was 50C in Le Beausset.  Anyway, if you ever think that the weather outside is 'frightful', head south, where winter is just an extension of Fall turning into Spring.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know but to me it is pretty darn cold. There may not be much snow but it is windy and a few degrees below zero. I definitely need a coat at least and preferably gloves and a scarf!