Jan 28, 2010

Taxes in America are a JOKE

Turns out Americans really don't pay enough taxes...  No wonder there is a large national debt.  I did my taxes last week.  When I did the calculation for how much I pay in taxes, health insurance and other benefits...  It was about 25%/30%, the same as what I paid in France.  But then I did my taxes and I am getting back almost all of the money I paid in Federal and State taxes (about 15%)....  I am certainly not working poor, so why no taxes?  How do we pay for government services?  Roads, schools, etc.  So really I am just paying %10 of my salary for social security, health insurance, etc.  Insane!  I would rather have good schools, free university, better unemployment benefits and health insurance for poor people. Am I insane?

Americans don't even know what paying taxes means! 

Well anyway, I will get getting a new kitchen with my taxes.  Next year, I'll put the money in the kid's college fund.

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