Jan 18, 2010

Julie and Julia

I finally saw the movie Julie and Julia.  All of the critics and my friends said that Meryl Streep is amazing and Amy Adams sucks.  Well maybe not Amy personally, but her character.

In this modern day it is nice to see someone making things from scratch.  My hubby went to culinary school in France and is very hesitant to make anything with a mixer or food processor.  He cuts with knives, sharpens them if necessary and for whipped cream... well only a whisk will do.  I guess you can say I am a little spoiled.  In our house, the only French cookbooks are in French.  Now I am a little inspired.  I am going to get Julia Child's cookbook and maybe I might even bone a duck.  Although I have 2 small kids, so it might take me my whole life to make all of the recipes. ;-)

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