Jan 6, 2010

Boxers, Briefs, OR Bikinis

In American, it's always boxers or briefs...  Where briefs are the young hit choice and any guy over 50 is sporting boxers.  Well some hipsters might still be sporting briefs.  Ask anyone's dad and they'll tell you that boxers are just "more comfortable", ie less supportive and more like not wearing anything....

But in Europe, briefs are the old man underwear and boxers, well I haven't seen much of that.  I don't often think about what men's underwear, but recently I was looking in my sons dresser for his underwear and every morning I have a choice Briefs or Bikinis.  The briefs were , of course, purchased in America and are the standard for little boys.  I suppose little boys haven't figured out about comfort.  In France, most men wear bikini's, well at least I think that they do based on the underwear choices in stores.  When I was buying my son some underwear at the H & M, a Swedish store, I just picked up a pack of underwear.  In typical European style, they are bikinis.  I think the bikinis are just cuter. 

So what does your men sport?  Boxers, briefs or bikinis?

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