Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year -- 2010

Happy New Year!
Last night was pretty good.  It has been quite a while that I have made New Year Plans and nothing bad happened.  Last year I fell asleep in front of the tv at 10pm.  Two years ago I wrecked my car in Le Beausset, as the streets are very narrow and there were cars parked everywhere.  I couldn't clear a turn and ended up stuck against a wall, crying.....

Anyway this year, we went over some friends house and had dinner, followed my the Mexican Train game, which is a Dominoes game.  A made a Bûche de Noël and my friend made a Rum cake, light on the cake, heavy on the Rum.  It was quite fun.  I was winning all night until the last round.  Then I lost horribly.  At mid-night we had sparkling rose.  At 1pm I was hope and sleeping probably by 1:30am.  L, my 2 year old, stayed up until mid-night too.  He is such a party animal.  He played with his buddy Nate (who is 3 1/2) and watched some movies.  Z, the 9-month old, didn't make it to mid-night, but did wake up at around 11:30pm because he hates sleep and missing out on the action.

So even if you feel like New Year's celebrations are pointless...  Happy Reason to Get Out of the Usual Night Routine.  And for everyone else, Happy 2010.    

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