Jan 18, 2010

SCNF is in Trouble??

SCNF, the French rail system, is in trouble.  Quel Damage.  I wonder if there are still proposed plans to create TGV line from Paris to Nice? I know some crazy expats in the Var who will be happy to know that crazy Parisian outsiders won't be flooding their town with tourist.  I love to hear with foreigners become protectionist, what an irony.  Aren't they invaders too?  At least the Parisian are French and have the same right as anyone else to be there....

Apparently the rail system in France is losing money and will get rid of it's least popular routes. Strasbourg to Bordeaux -- CANCELED.  Calling MP in Strasbourg, get to Bordeaux before it's too late. 
 There is a rather nice wine festival in July, but anytime of the year, Bordeaux can be lovely.  I particularly like the "new port"  or the fancy Harbor area, as I like to call it.  In addition to great wine, the Bordelaise are know for many speciality dishes, including many duck dishes and fruit de mer.  Please enjoy a bottle or 2 of wine for me. 


  1. Ha. I doubt I would go Strasbourg-Bordeaux. That's probably, what, a 10 hour ride?!
    would like to go to Bordeaux some time, part of my wine-learning resolution.

  2. Only 7 hours on the direct-line. There is no TGV Bordeaux to Marseille...