Dec 30, 2009

Conference Calls

In my job, I am expected to listen in on lots of conference calls.  These calls are totally pointless and I often spend my time 'listening' and checking out the deal of the week on Amazon or reading the news online.  I suppose if I was actually participating and not just listening, I would actually focus better.  The other problem is that they "participants" are all on an email list.  So not only do they get emails about when the call is, and what number to dial, but they get other emails -- like the agenda and any files they want to go over for the call.  My favorite calls (she says sarcastically) are the one's in which a file has been sent out, that I never received and the participants make comments like -- 'I am not sure we should do #1 before doing #2', 'I don't think that we can separate #3 from #1' or 'Should #5 even be within the scope of this call'...  This would only make sense if you actually knew what #1, #2, #3 or #5 were...  But since I don't actually get these important files, I am lost.  Totally lost.  For some of these calls, I have to take notes for my boss.  I sure hope that she knows what #1 and #2 are, if not, I am sure she thinks that my notes are some sort of code....

My wish for the new year.  No more conference calls.  Or at least to be added to the email list ;0

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