Dec 8, 2009

S's Birthday

S is the au pair for our children.  She is from Normandy.  This Thursday, she is going to be 23.  To celebrate this event I asked her what her favorite dinner was, turn out it is Galettes de Sarrasin (Buckwheat Crepes).  Finding Buckwheat flour was no small task.  You can actually find Buckwheat pancake mix very easily, but since A wants to make Buckwheat bread (b/c he has to try a new bread recipe every weekend) -- we bought found the flour (Harris Teeter to you American who care).  Now I just have to find a suitable cake, since sheet cake just won't do.  Anyone know where I can find a Tarte de Citron?

1 comment:

  1. that's nice of you to try and make crepes. For the tarte au citron, I don't know. Maybe a lemon meringue pie?