Dec 15, 2009


My officemate thinks that I am heartless.  Why, you ask, well it all started with a little too much multitasking.  I was talking to my officemate, while one of our coworkers and my hubby was IMing me.  A wanted to know how much foie gras to order for Xmas.  I had no idea how much foie gras one should consume in a sitting, but considering A's dad would be here for Xmas and they are from the southwest of France, we would need lots.  Forgetting that no everyone lived in France, I told my officemate that I couldn't focus on our conversation because of the foie gras IMing.  Foie gras -- isn't that cruelty to ducks.  My officemate is vegetarian, any consumption of animal products leads to a discussion of "factory farming".  Why do you hate the enviroment, he would say...  He is a fish eating vegetarian, I am not sure what his stance is on fish farming?  Or how soy bean agricultural (and other cash crops) have devastated the Amazon Rain Forest...  At least cute cuddly animal didn't have to die.  So I was called 'heartless'.  I had enough and walked away.  Sometimes out of the 2 people in our office, he is the most emotional.  I guess not all of us were coddled enough as children...  I care more about people than animals, that's true.  I believe there should be universal health care, long-term care for the elderly, and a smaller US military...  I used to volunteer before I had kids -- girls' shelter, hospice, county youth boards...  Anyway, just don't call me Mrs or Ms. Heartless. I didn't spent 5 years at Heartless Graduate school for that.

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  1. I think the ducks like all that food. If people like food enough to be overweight why couldn't the ducks be the same way. We just happen to eat them at the end, nature made the food chain that way. We simple make the best of these circumstances.