Feb 13, 2010

Guy Cadel

Guy Cadel is the name of my favorite Champagne.  Real Champagne, the kind that comes from the Champagne region in France.  My favorite is the demi-sec.  Brut is good too.  So is Rose.  Well in short they are all good.  In a festive mood, I like Kir Royal, that is Champagne with cassis syrup.  What a splendid before dinner drink, Aperos.  My father-in-law always seems to have some on hand, just in case a special occasion occurs.  I think our visits are special occasion enough.  Or maybe he drinks Guy as table wine because he loves it as much as I do, and we only think that it's a special occasion.  In France special occasions are everywhere -- 'No strikes this week, time to celebrate', 'It's Friday, time to celebrate', 'Some random Saint day, bring out the bubbly'.  I wish Americans could find so many reasons to drink Champagne.  If you are in France, the check out Guy Cadel, you won't be sorry.

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