Nov 19, 2009

Did I lose 3 lbs?

For my birthday I went to the gym at the hotel for a swim.  Since I don't actually own a scale, I saw one and thought, hmmm, I wonder how much I weigh compared to right before Z was born.  I know that I must have lost some weight but I wasn't quite sure how much.  Well I was right about what I thought I was Baby Weight (BW) - 15.  Yeah!  And since I only gained about 15 lbs in pregnancy, I thought, great, back to pre-pregnancy weight.  Well, due to an unfortunate bacterial infection, I found myself at the doctors again.  And viola, I lost another 3lbs in just one month?  Really, cause I am not even trying.  I did go to the pool, twice, and have been taking the kids to their swim class twice a week, but that is hardly exercise.  Could I have really have lost 3lbs?  Well maybe.  The pants that I just bought are a little loose -- like so loose, I didn't have to unbutton them to pull them down the other day.

Maybe I did lose weight.  Now I just have to lose those stretch marks and I will look like a pre-baby woman.

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