Nov 21, 2009

Thanksgiviging Blew-up Again

The last 2 years in France we haven't had a "normal" Thanksgiving.  I mean I don't usually have a "normal" thanksgiving.  In the last 10 years, I probably had Thanksgiving dinner only a handful of times with "people", and the last time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my parents it ended in disaster.  But when you dad shows up at the Thanksgiving table that you have spent hours preparing in his underwear (without pants) and then gets upset when you turn off the Lifetime Movie that he was watching and doesn't even acknowledge all of your hard work, well maintain your cool (in this case my cool) can be difficult.  I think I nearly broke into tears.

Anyway, this year was my first Thanksgiving back, has already been disappointing...  First off, everyone I have invited already has other Thanksgiving Day plans.  Some of these people aren't even Americans, live far away from their family or have just moved here 5 minutes ago.  Already have been Thanksgiving Day plans....  So who cares --  I bought a 13lb Turkey (for the 5 people at my house) and just make everything myself and eat leftovers until Xmas. No use sulking about it.

I wonder if when I should send out the Evites next year?  Labor Day?

You are, of course, invited to my table this year.  I have plenty of turkey and stuffing to go around.

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