Jun 29, 2010

Mediterranian Dreams

I am not sure what a perfect summer day used to be, but now it is eating seafood outside with a nice bottle of Rosé...  Well, I tried to recreate that this weekend.  First finding some good shellfish on a Sunday is harder than I would have imagined living so close to the sea, but anyway.  I ended up at Weis, a very unexceptional grocery store, where they had clams for 13 cents each.  I got 3 dozen and a 1lb of mussels.  The recipe I used was great.

Fresh mint, shallots, 1/2 white wine, many garlic cloves, parsley.  I cooked them until they popped.  Instead of having them with fries or just like that I had them over pasta.  It was ok, but fries would have been better.
I couldn't eat outside either.  Too hot, too many mosquitoes.  It was great, really it was.  Although I realized that 1) I like Mussels much more than I like clams, 2) French fries are better than pasta, and 3) Rosé from Provence is much better than the Argentinian white wine that I had in the frigo...  'Suppose to cool off this weekend, maybe I should just stick to crabs, corn and beer?  Anyone have a good hush puppy recipe? 


  1. ça ressemble aux crabes-sardine que nous mangions en Bretagne! MIAM

  2. you are in luck! Got a bottle of Rosé from D's family to share.