Aug 6, 2010

An Artist's Cove

When I first came to France in 1999, my first impression was that French people lived well -- my FIL lives in a huge (by American standards) 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath house that was built in the middle ages.  It has a huge workshop and garage, a swimming pool and is perfectly lovely.  At that time going out to eat was 100F ($15) for a 3 course meal with wine, you could buy clothes really cheap and the weather was perfect -- no humidity.  So what if you didn't understand anything anyone was saying and you were paranoid that they hated you.  Small price to pay.  Well 11 years later, I realized that most French people live in matchbox size houses and since the Euro, inflation has driven the prices of things well above "cheap" -- to downright expensive.  At least the weather is still perfect ;)

This August I am staying with my MIL and FIL so they can spend some time with the kids.  I am working remotely in Pessac and am staying at the artist's cove (le maison de mon FIL).  Could be worst;)
Garage/Workshop Wall
The Gate
Back Yard

Kitchen Cabinets, don't see that at IKEA

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