Aug 2, 2010

Did I Just Move to France?

The last 24 hours has been a rollercoaster ride.  I left Washington Dulles Airport about 1 hour late, which means that I spend 30-45 minutes sitting on an airplane at IAD, not flying.  L was really good.  We brought his car seat and although it was a nightmare to get on the plane, there were 7 hours of my life that were good because of that.  S, who came with us as far as Paris, really helped me alot.  Without her, I wouldn't have been able to eat or anything.  Our plane was 1 hour late AND they were not able to check me through to Bordeaux.  Which means that I had to stand in a 15 minute line with 3 people working the AF counter at CDG.  The woman was not really helpful and she didn't speak English at all.  But S took care of it and soon I had boarding passes that had my 2 year old sitting 16 rows behind me -- but I was too busy running across the airport with 2 kids under 3, a car seat, a backpack and one wheeled carry on, because the "very nice" woman, told me how my plane was boarding and that I should run.  But S left me after immigration and I didn't have enough arms.  I got patted down at security, very slowly, and Luc was too tired to walk.  What a disaster!  I was literally dragging my kids and baggage through the airport.  When I got on the plan, every single steward/stewardess told me that when I travel with kids I should bring nothing on the plan.  Cause who needs diapers, extra clothes, a blanket and a kids making sounds book, with their 16 month old and his almost 3 year old brother????  I really like carrying stuff and suffering.  What losers.

I actually got off of the plane successfully and just when I feel like all hope is lost, 2 tired refusing to walk kids, car seat, backpack, wheeled carry-on and an escalator with no hint of an elevator, A's dad shows up and whisk my kids and bags away, so I can get the checked bags.  He could have been riding a horse and not have been more impressive.

We got 2 good meals in us and the kids are finally sleeping.  I should too, but it's 10pm here and still not too dark.  Here's hoping to not waking up freaked out in the middle of the night ;0

Even though I will have A on the way back, I am not sure I want to relive the experience.  I don't think I can cross the Atlantic with the kids again.  Does that mean that I just moved to France?


  1. Wow, you are the best mom ever. All that so the kids can spend times with their grand parents. I am sure they really appreciate it.