Jul 26, 2010

No Miracle Please.

Now that we have satisfied one sector of the male population by eliminating all non-miracle bras, I am wondering how we can satisfy the rest that are into legs, butts and everything else?  I am not sure I like this brave new world where everything has to be enhanced.  I think it gives men a false sense of what "normal" really is.  Is there disappointment when the truth is found?

What  if I want to save my miracles for something serious?  And leave my bras miracle free? This is nearly impossible.  I am not saying that we should all burn our bras in protest, I am just a little disappointed that I can't find the ol' faithful cotton no thrills bra anymore;(

I wonder if now that I am in my 30s, does that make me more conservative?  This is not just an American problem, I have seen this in France too.  Be careful Men, you are next.  Soon you won't be able to buy pants without butt enhancers or t-shirts without miracle biceps....

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