Jul 21, 2010

Bostonian Woman don't get fat?

In Cambridge, MA this week, I begin to see how the inhabitants of Cambridge might be more like Parisians that I thought before.  Sure, they aren't fashionable but the walking and portion sizes might be the same.  Most of the people I have met here, don't use their cars.  They seem to take public transportation everywhere.  I am attending a meeting, and at the end of the meal, I have noticed that all of the food is gone and no one is full at all.  The amount of food allotted for each person, seems pretty small.  Some of my male colleagues from Texas, where everything is big, aren't very satisfied with this arrangement.  The jokes about 'Where's the Beef?' have been many.  I don't have any data to corroborate that, but maybe French woman and Bostonian woman are more alike than one would think...

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