Jul 10, 2010

The Return to Pessac

In 3 weeks, I will be returning to Pessac.  Pessac is like a home away from home for me.  There I not only have my own bedroom, but I have a history of 11 years of visiting my 'Belle Familie" and the region. Here are some things not to be missed:

1) Chateau Pape Clement
In the 14th Century the Papacy moved from Rome to Avignon, the Archbishop of Bordeaux, became the new pope in 1305.  This pope, "Pape Clement" was one of the vineyards most famous owners and the vineyard still holds his name.  The wine is pretty good too.  I love Chateau Pape Clement because it looks like a renaissance castle, complete with tower. 

2) The "Marche en Pessac" or the Local Market.  In Pessac, the local market is on Sunday and is very very big compared to the ones in the small provencial villages.  Pessac is much bigger than Le Beausset so I shouldn't be surprised that the market is.  Here you can find all of the fruits, vegetables and shellfish that your heart can desire.  At these markets, their are also cheap clothes, knock-off sunclasses and probably a table or two of wine vendors.  Please bring cash, credit cards not accepted;)
3) In Bordeaux, there is a restaurant that serves one dish.  No menu, if you end up at "Entre Cote" you will be getting a sort of flank steak cooked -- Well, medium or mooing, and french fries with a salad with vinegrette.   You can choose your drink, which I recommend the house wine, and of course any dessert that might tempt you palette.  For me it's profiteroles.  That's one perfect meal:)

4) Downtown Bordeaux has a large pedestrian only area for shopping, restaurants, theatre and more.  One can easily spend the day walking around going into the various shops, visiting the gardens at the mairie and my personal favorite the Monument aux Girondins, which is a beautiful fountain.  Downtown Bordeaux also a "Mirror Fountain" , which is flat and shoots water into a calm mist, creating a puddle and plenty of opportunity for cooling off.  Very fun for the kiddies.

5) Arcachon Bay and the Great Dune of Pyla.  Not far from Bordeaux is a small beach town with a beautiful bay, great for an after lunch stroll.  If you need more of a workout though, the nearby Dune de Pyla, the highest dune in Europe, is not too far and provides climbing enjoyment for all that visit.  If you are anything like my little L, you too will finding yourself climbing up and rolling down this sand dune right next to the Atlantic Ocean.

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