Oct 10, 2010

The Billing Experts

I often wonder why my family doctor's office in American needs so many "office adminstrators".  In France, I waited in the waiting area, I didn't need to sign in, there was no receptionist, the doctor called me back when it was my turn, the doctor did everything from weighing me to taking my money and then I left.  Here in the US, there is the 3 receptionist, the 5 billing people, the 10 nurses etc.  No wonder the health care industry is the fastest growing in the US.  With all of those "billing specialist", you have to think, well at least they will be my advocate to the insurace company.  If you were to think that, you would be WRONG.  I recently had a claim denied.  I call my doctors office:
Me: Why did you send me a bill for my son's Jan appointment
Billing Specialist (BS): Your insurance company doesn't cover vaccinations.
Me: How is that possible, are you sure.
BS: Nothing I can do.
So I called my insurance company (IC):
Me: Do you really not cover vaccinations??
IC: Of course we do.
Me:Why did you deny my claim?
IC: Your doctor put some codes in incorrectly.
So then I called the doctor's office again:
Me:  I talked to my insurance company and they said you 'put the codes in incorrectly'
BS: That's no possible.
Me:  Well what do I know about it, I didn't go to Medical Billing school?  Can't you call the IC yourself?
BS: No
Me: Did you put in that the vaccinations were for "Routine Vaccination"??

I am so glad that my doctor pays all of those BSs to help me to navigate my IC. 

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