Oct 2, 2010

31 days of my 31

Just so happens that this October, I will be 31.  Having 31 days, I thought that this was a bit auspicious.  So came the idea of 31 days of my 31.  I will try to live this October to the fullest.  Shake things up a bit, let me hair down, break out of the routine.  I am off the a good start. 
October 1 -- Went for Margaritas.
October 2 -- Visited with my Aunt.  **  Ok, this is exactly wild and crazy, but normal Saturdays are: Grocery Shopping, Clean, Kids Nap, Do House project, etc. 
October 3 -- Go to the zoo with a friend.  ** Well I haven't become a wild spring-breaker, also breaking this house project routine.
October 4 -- who knows?

Maybe an Oktoberfest or two?? Stay tuned.

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