Sep 20, 2010

Leaving it to 'The One'

My verb conjugation in French is really crappy.  So I have been trying really hard to make an effort.  Sometimes I ask S and A about it.  This leads me to wonder if they are really French at all when they have no idea.  Do you think that I could find a certified French teacher for my next au pair;) So I listen.  A and S are constantly speaking French to the kids.  The funny thing I noticed is that "The One" is all powerful.  One goes to the store.  Did the one tell you not to hit your brother? One went to the zoo.  No wonder I can think of how to conjugate verbs for 'we'.  We never does anything, its always 'The One'.  When visiting my MIL in August, I noticed that she does that too and I was very confused. 
Her:One can go to the store. 
Me:  Who?
Me: I got to the store or you go to the store.
Her:  My BF and I go to the store.....

Perhaps all of this 'one' business will be good for my Jedi training.  Until then, maybe I need to take a French grammar class....

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  1. Hey B, that should be helpful:

    Actually "on" in those cases you mentionned really stands for "we" (as in me + other more or less random people) and is not considered "proper french" but is now used largely...