Sep 15, 2010

On the road -- Step 1 Fingerprints

I am applying for the 2nd time for French citizenship.  This is sort of crazy, I don't even have to be living in France, I just have to be married to a French citizen for 4 years.  Well I have put in over 10 years of duty, so I thought it was time to try again.  I have been flirting with the idea of moving back to Europe and having French citizenship means that we don't necessarily have to live in France but we could live any EU country and work.  I actually recently got a job offer in Paris, but A didn't want to move to rainly Paris.  So I have my eyes open to southern-French opportunities, but maybe just being less than and 8 hour plane ride away from "les grandparents" would be good, considering the complete and total fall out with my parents.

So for my French citizenship the first thing that I have to do is get an FBI criminal report, which can take 2 months, and to do that I had to get fingerprinted.  I have already been fingerprinted before (for my last attempt and for a job), so I thought I knew the drill.  I just had to find a police station that does it and then go at their weird times (11-1), but not during lunch;)  So my work has it's own police force and lucky me, it only costs me $20.  Fingerprinting in the US, has become very modern, or at least where I went.  No more are you using ink, but instead there is a computer program to take your prints and "mimnic" a ink image and you just print out the fingerprints.  I was pretty good. 

So step 1, wait 2 months for the FBI to send me a letter saying that I have no criminal record....


  1. I am planning on applying in one year since I will have lived in France for 5 years by that time. It's probably going to take an entire year just to get all the paperwork collected!

    Good luck with your application!

    P.S. For anyone else who's married to a Frenchie, but does not live in France, they make you wait 5 years instead of 4 before you can apply for citizenship.

  2. Where did you see it was a 2 month wait? Most people I know (myself included) have gotten theirs back within 2-3 weeks - so it may come quicker than you think!