Feb 12, 2011

April in Paris

That could be a song title, but that will also describe my life, well atleast in 2011.  I will be in Paris for almost 2 weeks this April with no family and not many other obligations.  I will have to attend 2 concourses.

What is a concourse, you ask?  Well this is the "Audition" for the coveted CNRS positions, that I have applied to.  Everyone who is eligible gets an interview, no matter how lame their project is, so I am getting 2 auditions, which will probably be about a week apart.

How long is a concourse?  15 minutes.  That is 10 minutes to present my 5-year project and 5 minutes to get killed by the firing squad of ~ 20 researchers.  Bring it on.

So what am I going to do the rest of the time?  Stay in Paris? go to Marseille?  Explore another region of France?  Go to Venice?  I don't know, but I would love to hear your suggestions.  I'm on a budget.

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