Feb 21, 2011

Cake Tasting

My work building on on the 800 West block of Baltimore Street in Baltimore MD.  On the 800 East block of Baltimore Street, there is Patisserie Poupon, a French Bakery.  Given our similar addresses (replacing of a W with an E) we could have been at the same location.  Last week for my favorite Frenchie's birthday, I went to Poupon for some yummy pastries.  I got Millefeuille, Cassis Royal, Sainte Honore, Frasier and Opera.  Instead of getting one big cake, those 5 little cakes, for a sort of cake tasting.  It was really good, however, it was about 2X the price as those same little cakes in France.  Why is that?  Quality or Quantity?  Is making cakes more expensive in the US?  No.  Are pastry chefs more expensive in the US?  Pastry Shop real estate more expensive in France than in Baltimore?  Does the French government subsidize pastries?  But this price increase doesn't just apply to pastries, it also applies to baguettes, pain au chocolate, or croissants.    Perhaps it is more expensive in the US, because of the lack of competition -- there is only one patisserie in Baltimore  -- in the 10,000 inhabitant village, I live in France there was 5 or 6 Patisseries.  Well I guess it is good they aren't cheaper b/c if it was, I would become obese. 

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