Mar 2, 2011

TV Woes

Somehow my TV, that I got in France, was involved in a head on collision with a toy truck and she didn't make it.  So we decided maybe it was time to by a new TV.  The thing I like about my old TV was that it took 110-220 power and accepted NTSC, PAL and SECEM input.  So I thought, maybe I could find a replacement on the internet.  So I bought one on  And a few days later my TV arrived.  The TV had the extra-special bonus of having a region-free DVD player.  But my happiness was not to last forever, the DVD player didn't work -- on any DVD.  So I called and they asked me to send it back.  It has been several weeks later and they STILL haven't sent me a new TV and they WON'T refund my money.  They claim that the TV they sent me was fine and that I don't know how to work a DVD player.  I really hope my credit card company can help....

1 comment:

  1. Threaten in writing to report them to one of the consumer associations (UFC Que Choisir, etc) - that usually gets a reaction out of them.