Mar 28, 2011

Things I Should Miss

When I lived in France, there were many things that I didn't think that I could live without.  But many of those same things, I hardly use now that I am back in America.  It seems to silly to me now that I longed for:
1) peanut butter
2) maple syrup
3) fried chicken -- I do have this about once every 2 or 3 months
4) black beans, which I do like, but come on, they taste just like any other bean
5) macaroni and cheese
6) mint chocolate chip ice cream
7) anything Ben and Jerry's
8) lemon poppy seed muffins

Yet there are still some things that I was right to miss:
a) comfortable shoes -- I love you teva and clarks
b) crab chips, you have to be from MD to understand
c) ability to eat stuff and understand people.

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