Mar 20, 2011

Darkside of Vancouver

I have been totally uninteresting for the last month.  I feel like I am in the work, kids, clean, sleep, repeat mode.  I even went to Vancouver and spent the entire time in the hotel.  Well actually I do have one good story from Vancouver:
So on the first night in Vancouver my "conference roommate" and I  decide that it is time for a little Karoke.  I had a post-dinner meeting to attending until 9:30, so she did all of the 'fun night out' research.  She finds 2 Karoke bars, both with great reviews online and were within walking distance of the hotel.  So we have our map and our foolishness.  Get to bar 1.  Dive bar, no karoke and a few toothless 'regulars'.  Then we started off on the road to bar 2.  I began at some point that the neighborhood was getting shadier, but this was Vancouver, how dangerous could it be.  At some point though, there are about 100 or so people standing on the sidewalk in this one block.  That seemed odd, there were no businesses on that block, at least none that are open at night.  Hmm, it wasn't until we got too close that I noticed that half of the people were selling drugs and the other half are buying them.  Ooops.  Well the worst thing to do at that point would have been to turn around and run away.  So we charged on, walked through the 'drug' block to the other side towards this Karoke bar, which I didn't even want to go to any more since it obiviously was in a bad neighborhood.  It was closed.

Although I have to say, the worst part of Vancouver at night seemed safer to me, than the worst part of Baltimore during the day...Needless to say, that when CR suggested Karoke the next night, I just had to say 'NO' ;)

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  1. Didn't I warn you about downtown eastside? But as you said, people there generally are harmless. Also in Vancouver people like to sing in private rooms with their friends and not in an open bar. So, only a few bars have karaoke nights certain nights of the week.