Apr 13, 2011

Top Reasons Why you Won't Mistake me for Parisian

1)  Shoes
Yesterday I wore heels for 1/2 of the day and have 10 blisters on my feet.  Today, I have 10 band-aids on my feet and flip-flops
2) Walking
Parisians, seem to walk everywhere so gracefully, even with 20kg of luggage.  I never seen them in the metro with luggage, but I wonder, are they really walking 5km with their bags?  I might take a taxi to get to Gare de Lyon.  None of the Metro's have elevators and my bags are too heavy
3) Hair
My has to by tied down, it can't stay perfect down.  How do Parisians do it?  I think my hair would be flying everywhere, if it weren't for the clips that hold it in place
4) Food
I need food, I can't just eat a small snack after walking 5km with my luggage, I need food.  I probably eat a lot earlier than the average Parisian, but at 8pm, when I am at a cafe or restaurant, I order dinner, not just a drink and appetizers.
5) I like to get there fast. 
It look me 1 hour to get to the gare de Lyon yesterday by Metro.  It's 5km away, how is that possible, no wonder everyone walks everywhere, it's faster.

On a side note, I love taking a connection at London Heathrow Airport.  It was the best experience, no running, no lost luggage and there was a Starbucks next to my gate.  I highly recommend it.


  1. Looking at all the photos of what's in French people's fridges (http://memereaucanada.blogspot.com/2011/04/dans-mon-frigo.html), could the secret to their supernatural powers be .... YOGURT?

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