May 5, 2010

Am I insane or what?

When I started to plan my summer vacation, I was looking for one thing.  Quiet, book reading in the sun.  Sounds perfect right?  Well then I realized that I actually couldn't take a month off of work.  No problem, I will work the first 2 weeks in France and then go on vacation the last 2 weeks.  So I bought the ticket.  Me and the boys will arrive the 1st and be there almost 4 weeks.  A will come for the last 2 weeks.  Although A really wants to spend time with the fam and after 2 weeks of the ILs, I am like no way.  Maybe I should spend some time with all of my PACA friends?  So I looked into it and will probably go to PACA toute seul for the 3rd week and come back the 4th week to spend some days by the pool in Bordeaux -- or maybe at the beach on a coast where they actual have waves (but the water is nearly frozen)....  So I started planning this fun, relaxing trip in the southeast.  But wait there is a geek conference in Lisbon -- can I fit that in too??  Oh and the baptism of Z, which I will have to meet with the priest sans A, who only speaks French.  Yay.  So here is what it looks like.  1) Go to France with Kids -- spend 10 days on West Coast.  2) Abandon kids to MIL for one night and go to Lisbon (A arrives the next day) 3) Spend 3 days in Lisbon 'working' 4) Go to PACA (Provence, Alps, Cote d'Azur) to see friends and read on the beach. 5) Return to West coast, baptize Z and spend some time by pool/beach.

Am I insane?  Is that too much?  BTW, I still need book ideas.

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