May 27, 2010

Bikini Philosophy

I recently decided that it was time to give up my too big bikini for something that well 'fits'.  I can't say that I have had swimwear that I have absolutely loved before.  Each year, I try to find something that (1) stays on (2) keeps everything 'in' (3) doesn't look horrible and (4) is functional.  Today's woman has 3 options to start -- A) One piece.  Can be modest and hold things in place.  But for a long day of swim wear wearing, the one piece just isn't functional -- potty breaks...

B)  Tankini.  Certainly over comes the problem of the one piece in many ways.  But when you are swimming, you can easily get tangled into the part of the swim that covers your stomach.  I can certainly slow you down if you are doing laps.  I guess that's why you don't see tankinis on the speedo website.

C) Binkini.  Not really modest, but no swim suit is truly modest.  In Europe, this could just be a bikini bottom for a woman.  But that woman,  is usually overweight, pale, and over 50.  I might be a law that she also probably had 10 children and spent way too much time in the sun.  In this country, I think that every woman must wear a miracle bathing suit, given that when I went bikini shopping, I found that most of the suits supported so well that they even provided shape and padding for excess cleavage.  I don't really see the point.  While most men will say that they are 'boob men' most are happy with anything.  Given the opportunity, they aren't as shallow as we think they are.  Besides, I am married and don't care for 15 year boys to be ogling over my cleavage.  The other thing that I really hate about most bikinis is that they use your neck as an anchor.  Not cool.

Time to give a shout-out to Speedo for actually selling something that I would actually buy.  Thanks Speedo.  Can't wait til it arrives, maybe I actually bought something that I will like???  I hope so!

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