May 1, 2010

Books and La fête des Mères

Mother's Day in the US is next weekend.  In France, they celebrate the last Sunday in May.  Last year we didn't celebrate Mother's day anywhere.  We were in France for the US Mother's Day and in the US for the French Fete des Meres.  So this year, we should probably celebrate both just to be sure. 
Sure, I am not Mother of the Year or anything.  But the last year was tough.  New baby, potty training L, moving to the US, starting a new job...  I feel like I need an extra fete, just for surviving.  I told A that he could get me books.  I plan to read one book every day or so when I am on vacation in August.  That's means I will need 7 books minimum.

I like Ina Caro's 'The Road from the Past: Traveling through History in France', it is such a great book about traveling through France and gossipy monarch history, like who married who and what mistress they had and how when they died, how who took over.  

So please, I am looking for book suggestions.

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