Jan 23, 2011

Application In

I finally send in my French citizenship application.  After getting all of the right paperwork and writing my letter of motivation (See Dear France), we mailed it in.  I have to say that there should be some new proof ofs....

Are you a real couple? 
Not sure a bank statement, a cell phone bill is a big enough of a commitment as a child.  My 2 kids should be proof enough that my spouse and I are a real company and I just didn't marry him to get in the EU line at the airport.

Will you be a burden to France?
I am assuming the reason you have to send in your CV, it's because they want to make sure that you won't go there without some skill necessary to finding employment.  But really France, what about stay-at-home parents, are they not worthy of France?  Is there some other proof?  Not that I am stay-at-home mom, but I'm just saying

Are you divorced?
The application requires your Marriage Certificate that is dated less than 3 months ago.  But Maryland doesn't date their Marriage Certificates with any date but the issue date.  And if a couple get's divorced would the State know to stop issuing them a copy of their Marriage Certificate?

Anyway, I should hear soon whether or not the copy of my paperwork is acceptable.  If so I can send in the real thing, good grief.  Hmm, I am not sure this is worth using the EU line at the airport;)

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  1. It sounds like you have what it takes to be French :-) Good luck!